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We are The Other Circle, a boutique PR and marketing agency headquartered in Bandra, Mumbai. Our endeavour is simple - we want to redefine the manner in which India perceives public relations. We ensure novelty in all aspects of our business, but we first bring people back into the equation. By offering a one-stop solution for all your public relations, marketing and content needs, we try and make sure that we become the intermediary between you and the world you can wholly trust. Our clients have been varied across industries be it hospitality, e-commerce or lifestyle, but we have never relied on an approach thats formulaic.

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Brand identities, we believe, are always novel. Disseminating uninventive press releases to an unknown set of a thousand faces has never been our strategy. Your story, we know, needs to be told in a way that does justice to the labour you have invested in it. We swear by our genuine relationships. Ever since our inception, we have helped brands formulate engaging narratives that are immediately accessible and appealing. Whether it is our client or the media, we try and arrive at the essence of needs on both sides. The dialogues we initiate are never hastily imagined.

What We


Our team is young, and besides its energy, there is a refreshing vibrancy which it brings to publicity strategies that makes them relevant and newsworthy. We are always quick on our feet. It would perhaps be fair to say that making a little noise and soon being forgotten is just not our thing. Our client base has always been diverse and we have considered it our mandate to design strategies that could serve them for the lifetime of their brand. From developing publicity campaigns to creating brand preference, from repositioning an existing brand identity to managing an event, we are here to matter.

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Our solutions, we make sure, are always customised. We don’t have a formula that we apply to all our brands. Each is given an attention that is unrivalled. So, whether you are planning to launch a new brand, increase customer engagement for an existing one or reposition your image in the market, we’ll try and understand your specific business goals and help create a strategy that will work for you alone.

Public Relations

 Personal Profiling  Corporate Image Building  Crisis Management  Media and Influencer Relations  Press Releases and Press Kits  Community Engagement,  Story Pitching and Placement

In an age when attention spans wane as quickly as the froth on your Americano, we do not believe that grabbing your customers attention is a battle won. Our goal at The Other Circle is to achieve a lasting pertinence. Our PR strategies are designed to make your brand relevant to both, your target audience and to the media. Our campaigns are thus unique, innovative and creative. Our strategy stresses on perseverance. We do not stop till your brand is a conversation starter and has instant recall.


 Strategic Tie-ups  Events Marketing  Restaurant and Product Launches  Blogger, Twitter, Zomato Meet Events  Integrated Marketing Campaigns

At The Other Circle, we give equal importance to specific and holistic marketing. Our insights are derived in real time and the channels we use to get your word out are multiple in number. Our belief is simple inciting interest is never enough. We must see it through. That initial buzz must get converted into a demand for your product and services. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the market, we come up with multi-faceted solutions to achieve measurable and precise results.


 Copywriting  Content Strategy and Planning  Social Media Outreach  Content Repackaging

Everyone loves a good story, but sometimes those good stories only become great in their telling. Our team first meticulously studies your brand and sifts for a narrative that your target audience can connect with and relate to instantly. We help develop a voice for your brand and set a tone for it. We tailor your narrative strategy so that it can prove to be a perfect fit for the various channels it will be told through, and employ all our efforts to deliver timely and engaging content when it matters most.


 Media Dipstick Surveys  Market Research  Outreach Surveys  Trend Analysis

No marketing and communication strategy can be effective without adequate research. Not just does it help shape the narrative we must tell an audience, it also helps us ascertain what that target audience wants. If studied with diligence, existing industry statistics, customer preferences and the strategies of competitors can all help craft policies and plans that render communication seamless. If you wanted waters tested before you launched or if you wanted to measure your brands reach amongst customers, you can rely on us for information that will help instantly you break the clutter. We can help you find answers to difficult questions and leverage knowledge in a manner that is both quick and efficient.

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To win a conversation, you must LEAD it. This is something tangible that we have learnt in the years we have been in business. So, it is with reason that the word ‘lead’ proves to be such an inspiration.

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The atmosphere in our office oscillates between committed professionalism and impromptu jives. If you are the sort of person whose curiosity is hard to satisfy, consider sending us your CV. Our workforce is filled with people who are creative, confident and inquisitive, and there is always room for another someone who fits that brief. We might be new age when it comes to our style of work, but we are very old school when it comes to personal ethics. We are honest. We are dedicated. So, if you think you tick these boxes, have a look at our vacancies and shoot us an email at


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